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Apply to the MGT Board of 2023

The application period for the Aalto Management Board of 2023 will be open between 14 and 29 November. The new board members will be elected at our Annual Fall Meeting on December 1 at 18.00 at Tuomela, Espilä, Konemiehentie 4, Otaniemi, Espoo.

The application form will close on November 29, but you can still apply to the board after the form closes at the Fall Meeting. If you have any questions regarding board elections or Aalto Management in general, please contact us at management[at]

Before applying, please read more about the board roles for the year of 2023 below:



The President is the leader of the board representing MGT. The President schedules the year and leads the board meetings, taking care that everything is done on time. Looking after the most important stakeholder connections is the responsibility of this position.


The MGT President needs to have close communication with KY and AYY. Therefore, the President has a seat at the round table of KY’s subject club’s chairs and in the AYY’s Council of special status associations (Neuvosto). 


Vice President


The Vice President’s most important task is to help the President in everything and anything when needed. Therefore, it is crucial to be informed about the overall operations of MGT all the time.


Usually, the Vice President is responsible for one big event each year. In addition, taking care of the well-being of the board with internal events is the responsibility of the Vice President. 




The Treasurer is in charge of MGT's finances and budgeting throughout the whole year. The tasks include accounting, invoicing, paying bills, and gathering the financial statements. 


Academic Affairs


The Academic Affairs representative upholds a close link between the MIB students and the faculty of Management. By informing the faculty about student feedback the Academic Affairs representative aims at improving the quality of the education.


Overall, all of the coordination between MGT and the faculty is part of the Academic Affairs representative’s responsibilities. Therefore, the representative has a strong role in academic events, such as Mursuinfo. 


Corporate Relations (x1–2)


To connect students with interesting companies, the Corporate Relations responsible(s) cater to the needs of existing corporate partners and contact potential companies for building future partnerships. The Corporate Relations responsible(s) negotiate sponsorship and job advertisement deals and organize company excursions. 


Event Coordinator (x1–2)


The Event Coordinator(s) take the lead in the biggest events of MGT. The Event Coordinator(s) plan the events and delegate tasks to other board members. 


During the year 2022 events that were organized by MGT were: kick-off pub quiz, After Exams with ISM&Aalto Economics, Aalto Management goes Megazone, Management's picnic party, Kandipicnic, Master's kick-off, Aalto Management 51 years Annual Ball, and board selection. 


Community Manager


The Community Manager is the link in building a MGT community. The Community Manager is responsible for creating alumni interviews to the social media channels to introduce possible career paths to students. Also, this role includes coming up with new ideas and event concepts to incorporate the alumni to the MGT community. 


Communications & Marketing (x1-2)


Communications & Marketing representatives make MGT visible by creating marketing materials for all the events, including visuals. They are in charge of the MGT website, social media channels, and the MGT newsletter. In this role, any experience is of course a plus, but motivation is the most important thing!

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